The Perih's align their schedules carefully.  "The size, style and location of homes determine how many contracts we will commit to at any given time," the Perihs said. "We refuse to compromise our reputation and the quality of our homes by building more than we can devote our time and attention to."   That planning is evident if you have ever driven by or walked through a Perih home.   Their style and workmanship is immediately evident from the curb and even more impressive upon closer inspection.

A grass-roots style company, Perihs operate their business from their facility in Gouldsboro, PA.   We feel that a down-to-earth approach works best.   By keeping overhead and operating expenses to an absolute minimum, Perih Group LLC is able to provide exceptional quality products and workmanship at an extremely competitive price.

"The only drawback," says Pat Perih "is that people just assume because our homes look so great that they can't afford them.   We miss the opportunity to bid on a lot of smaller homes and it's unfortunate because we definitely are competitively priced and would love to build them.   I guess I should consider that a compliment."

A compliment in its own right is that Perih Group LLC has homes scattered across four counties in an almost 60-mile radius.   They have built homes from Honesdale and Long Pond throughout Scranton all the way to LaPlume.

Perih Group LLC has a simple philosophy that has helped them achieve longevity in an extremely competitive industry. "To build a quality home, to develop strong relationships with our customers and to do so in a climate of honesty and integrity."

Serving the Greater Scranton and Pocono Region